Custom Built Fully Integrated Magento Ecommerce Stores

We have a team of expert developers ready to bring your brick and mortar retail store online. Schedule a call with us today and let us find the perfect solution for creating your E-commerce store.

Our clients are involved in a diverse collection of businesses. We serve the following industries: 





We provide comprehensive eCommerce solutions to small and medium businesses. We specialize in turn-key solutions integrated into your existing NCR Counterpoint POS system. 

Need to offer specific discounts to select customers? Are some customers tax-exempt? No problem! We can easily implement these features in your POS System.

We can create data fields for item attributes, profiles, and other custom fields to provide your customers with more data about your products. Items are sync to your database every 15 mins.

We help our clients automate their AR processes. Monthly Subscription, Payment Remittal, and more. We have many custom features that will save you and your team time every month!

Do you need a way for your customers to remit payments to their accounts? We can create a secure payment portal to make this process fast and easy!

Secure Pay is an industry-leading payment gateway featuring the most advanced consumer protection. We choose Secure Pay for its ease of use and reliability.

Do you have multiple locations for your business? No problem, we can build a solution to easily manage ALL your retail locations.

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We eat, sleep, and breathe eCommerce. Our team of dedicated in-house web developers have the skills needed to create a revenue-producing web store .


CP-Commerce ecommerce integration to Counterpoint syncs all your items, prices, A/R and customer data between your e-commerce website and CounterPoint. If there aren't existing extensions to meet your needs, we can develop them for you in-house.

Customer Service

CP-Commerce provides world-class customer service to all clients big or small. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can help you with any issues with your ecommerce site!


CP-Commerce has the expertise you need to integrate your items and customers from CounterPoint to Magento. We are a one stop solution and don't rely on third party developers for ecommerce integration to NCR Counterpoint.

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