Counterpoint Retail Point of Sale - One Inventory Management System Online & In-Store

Our POS system provides you with solution for your retail in store and online sales. Get one shared inventory for your online e-commerce store, mobile iPad app, retail point of sale and inventory management system. Computer SOS developed CP-Commerce and P.O.S. Anywhere to be fully integrated into the NCR CounterPoint SQL software system providing a centralized database for retail selling, inventory management, purchasing.

NCR CounterpointPoint of Sale

NCR Counterpoint POS software can be customized to handle the unique business processes of your industry.

Point of Sale for YOUR Industry

Many types of industries rely on NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale to track their inventory, manage their vendors, and sell their goods in store and online.

NCR Counterpoint Hosting

Utilizing a secure retail instance by securing their card data with our PCI compliant hosting environment.

Counterpoint Integration

We build soup to nuts customization's to fit your businesses every need no matter how small it may seem.


Inventory Management System

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS System is the most complete Retail POS system available.

Including features such as Secure EMV Payments Solutions for credit/debt card, built in gift cards and Loyalty cards. A retail & wholesale POS software that works for all industries.

NCR Counterpoint SQL Retail Store POS System

Formerly Radiant Systems, NCR CounterPoint SQL Enterprise allows you to configure and control nearly every aspect of your system. Change the layout of your Ticket Entry screens or the criteria of your filters. Set up your own pricing schemes with rule-based pricing.

Manage your inventory your way, with alternate units and unlimited categories. Define profiles for your items, customers, and vendors. Track the information that's important to you and your business.

Sell In Store and Mobile on One Inventory

In the retail store industry, it is highly important to know what your customers like in order to better understand what they want or need, and retain them as loyal customers.

Retail stores love our POS system's ability to track customers' preferred sizes, colors, styles, etc. so they can better cater to their wants and needs.

Top Retail Point of Sale Integration

NCR CounterPoint SQL Enterprise expands with your retail business, allowing you to add features as you need them. Options like Advanced Pricing, Receivables, A/R charge customers, serialized inventory tracking, and serial numbers add support for additional pricing levels.

CP-Commerce provides integrated e-commerce, allowing you to expand to the web and integrate your online sales with your CounterPoint SQL Enterprise database. Multi-Site allows you to operate multiple stores and manage information at all your locations. No matter how big your business gets, CounterPoint SQL Enterprise delivers consistent performance across your entire organization.

Mobile Ipad Counterpoint POS System

Mobile POS App Integrated with NCR CounterPoint SQL POS - Manage and Sell your inventory items on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad anywhere, whether you are online or offline. If you're offline with no internet access, you can continue to sell in offline mode.

Works with the Linea Pro Sled to offer a bar-code scanner for easy item lookup and a credit card MSR swipe to authorize card payments. Works with your NCR CounterPoint SQL POS Software.

Online Sales with eCommerce

Technology is ever growing, and today, for a business, both a physical and online presence needs to be strong to reach the greatest number of clients. With eCommerce Integration to CounterPoint, we merge your store inventory with a unique eCommerce website to sell your product both online and in store.

With a wide variety of options for online sales and pick up in store, we offer you and your customers an enjoyable experience both inside your store and online.

NCR Counterpoint SQL POS Software

NCR Counterpoint SQL is the retail POS management system that brings your front and back office into sync, enabling you to manage and grow your business to its maximum potential. Our comprehensive and flexible retail POS solution will manage your business’ details so you can focus on what matters most, your customers.

Our suite of retail POS solutions is customizable, feature rich, and designed to grow with your business. NCR CounterPoint SQL is the ideal POS software whether you have 1 or 100 stores.

Retail POS Systems to Sell Anywhere

Helping Retailers Manage Sales Online and In-Store, Order Online & Pickup In Store Using Your Point of Sale System


NCR CounterPoint SQL software is a full-featured point of sale (POS) register system, inventory management software, and hardware solution for retail point of sale and wholesale companies. CounterPoint SQL provides one centralized database for your in store, online e-commerce, and mobile app sales while maintaining one central inventory management system.

NCR CounterPoint SQL was originally developed by Synchronics who was purchased by Radiant Systems, and now part of NCR. Computer SOS installs, integrates, and supports the complete NCR Counterpoint SQL POS register software for small and large retail and wholesale businesses ranging from one POS cash register to multiple stores across the U.S. and Canada.