Frequently Asked Counterpoint SQL Commerce Questions

Here are some common questions our clients have:

YES! Regardless of the SKU number in your inventory, we can handle any influx of custom data that your business may need to pull up. Having the ability to combine all the brick and mortar inventory to one cohesive system.

Ecommerce Integration to Counterpoint SQL. We can connect and modernize your entire store—from POS to payments to ecommerce, loyalty, back office and beyond.

There is no restriction to a specific credit card gateway but for processing we recommend following our guidelines based on the niche that you serve. That will help to bridge the gap between gateway and processor.

Yes Counterpoint is a PCI compliant application. However, it is the merchants responsibility to maintain PCI compliance. We recommend reviewing this your PCI auditors.

If you are running Counterpoint on a Windows platform then chances are YES! NCR Counterpoint SQL will run on most machines with 4GB or greater memory on an operating system after Windows 8.

We offer a direct integration to Magento 2 from NCR Counterpoint. Counterpoint Commerce uses propritary integartion software to take your business online today.

Yes in most cases, as long as we export the data out of your system, we can bring your data into the NCR Counterpoint SQL database.