NCR Counterpoint eCommerce Integration

CP-Commerce is the top integration provider for NCR Counterpoint POS eCommerce integration. Since 2010, CP-Commerce has provided NCR Counterpoint eCommerce integration to retailers in over 5 countries. CP-Commerce is the best in the world at unifying brick-and-mortar retail operations with eCommerce platforms.


Counterpoint Commerce

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NCR Counterpoint POS

Magento sites offer the most flexible platform on the market today. Whether you are using the Community or Enterprise version CP-Commerce can seamlessly link your Magento site with the most advanced and robust features available in e-commerce today.


Counterpoint eCommerce Integration

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The integration dynamically updates the site with catalog changes, bringing orders and customers down to NCR Counterpoint, and returns order status and customer updates to the website.

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CP-Commerce powers Counterpoint POS eCommerce integration, automatically syncing inventory between in store and online operations. CP-Commerce is an easy to use integration module enabling retailers to quickly build and control their POS product catalog on the web.The integration dynamically updates the site with catalog changes, bringing orders and customers down to NCR Counterpoint, and returns order status and customer updates to the website.

Benefits & Features

Use Counterpoint to manage all your workflow.

  • Enter items once in CounterPoint and have them available both in-store and the web.
  • Combined reporting showing all sales or broken out by channel.
  • Fulfill directly from NCR CounterPoint using familiar sales order workflows.
  • Automatic site synchronization of product availability, pricing, orders, and customers.
  • Web customers added to NCR CounterPoint (and matched if already existing).
  • Build and maintain the catalog navigation of your website.
  • Categories & Sub-category structure – unlimited levels.
  • Item styles combined into web product with drop-downs to select attributes.
  • Multiple item images per parent or child.
  • Set up long description fields through the use of a full HTML editor.
  • Regular price and promotional sales price levels.
  • In-store and the web can use different item price levels.
  • Use Gift cards in store and online (Payment gateway dependent).
  • Custom add-on module development available.

Benefits & Features

eCommerce integration made easy.

  • Source locations – choose from one, some or all location(s) product quantities will be drawn.
  • Item availability – optionally disable items no longer in stock, keep it for sale or display only.
  • Pick up in store – show store quantities – enable customers to buy online and pickup in store.
  • Product catalog, availability, and pricing can vary by channel.
  • Web orders can have used defined prefix for easy identification.
  • Bulk product assignments to categories & sub-categories through flexible filtering options.
  • Do word mapping to turn abbreviated data into e-commerce display ready data.
  • Dynamically update price changes to the site by manipulating prices in NCR CounterPoint.
  • For Orders shipped from NCR CounterPoint , generates a shipping confirmation to the website.
  • No labor required on your web developer’s end to support the integration.
  • Flexible mapping of data between NCR CounterPoint and your web platform.
  • Loyalty Points integration.