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NCR CounterPoint Ecommerce Integration w/ Magento 2


Our graphic design team helps design a website that reflects your vision.  We will collaborate with your team to customize the starting packages to create a stunning website.  Whether we are creating your graphics or your team is providing the graphics to us, we will work together with you to make sure the graphic design of your site has the look and feel you want.  Through this collaborative process, we will fine tune your site to have a refined and professional look.


Ecommerce success starts with market research.  Don’t guess what your customers are searching for, find out and build a site to acquire this revenue.


As a result, content is critical to the success of every website.  It speaks to both search engines and potential clients and ultimately wins their business.  Good content begins with relevant keywords identified by market research.  Our in-house content writers will complete market research and write content for your site designed to target your audience. Custom quotes can be given on a case by case basis.


Avoid losing your existing traffic by redirecting your old product pages to their corresponding page on the new site.  Implementing proper redirects will also help Google pick up the changes faster and update their index.


Reach more potential shoppers and convert them into customers both for your ecommerce site and your retail locations.
Our experienced PPC & SEO teams will help you achieve your ultimate goals: marketing that pays for itself.  We’re offering 50% off PPC for the first 3 months.  Call our sales team for a quote, and ask for details on our amazing success stories, like how one client’s sales increased over 3900% in 4 months using our PPC services.


In addition, start on the right foot and get help from our qualified support staff.  Get help with email marketing, marketplaces, product data and general store setup and functionalities.