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Please note that regulations and rules related to COVID-19 and reopening businesses change daily. The information in this article is current as of the publication date only. Please check local, state, and federal regulations for the most current information about reopening your business. 

New information and guidelines emerge daily around COVID-19. This impacts workers on the frontlines, but it also affects business owners, who, after closing, reopening, and even closing again, have to navigate evolving recommendations.

Those changing goalposts can upend even the strongest of business continuity plans. But by staying informed, you can keep pace with new developments and reopen your business successfully.

To start, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have both provided guidance for business owners as they approach reopening plans — specifically around four key areas:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting physical spaces to initially and routinely remove contaminants.
  • Training and retraining staff on new policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of the workforce, like wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing.
  • Management and communications to support compliance with new policies and procedures.
  • Facilities and equipment safety, like checking air ventilation or reconfiguring workspaces.

We’ve compiled a list of where to go when looking for the right COVID-19 information from federal entities. 

OSHA resources for business owners 

Many things have changed about COVID-19, so visit OSHA’s COVID-19 business hub for information, guidance, and resources related to workplace safety and health. Notably, OSHA regularly updates the “News and Updates” column, which it organizes by the newest first. Though the agency includes several resources on its site, these are ones you’ll probably want to review first:

  • Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19: This PDF outlines preparations to take to mitigate exposure to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. In addition to general tips that all workplaces should follow (like how to develop a response plan), it also provides counsel based on a workplace’s exposure risk, from low (for office workers who don’t interact closely with each other or the public) to very high (for healthcare workers who care for COVID-19 patients). This resource is also available in Spanish.
  • Guidance on Returning to Work: This PDF resource includes factors to consider for reopening plans, like hygiene, social distancing, and determining when and how workers need PPE. It also includes OSHA’s preexisting mandatory protections and how they apply to COVID-19.
  • Interim Guidance for Specific Worker Groups: Dentists, retail workers, in-home repair services, and other industries will find specific guidance here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This live page answers employers’ common questions, including the provision and wearing of face masks, setting up hand-washing stations, and COVID-19 testing.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to navigate these waters alone. OSHA also provides a free onsite consultation program for all small and medium businesses, though high-risk worksites take priority.

CDC resources for business owners

Unlike OSHA, the CDC doesn’t enforce compliance with its guidance. Employers should still take the CDC’s recommendations on its Businesses and Workplace page seriously. 

Here’s where to start:

Stay informed, smart, and whenever possible, one step ahead.

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What Features to Look for when Choosing the Best Retail POS System for your company.

Retail POS Hardware

  1. The first major question you have to ask yourself and your company- do you want a cloud based or a server based solution.
  2. The POS hardware can either be a mobile tablet or phone, or stationed terminal.
  3. Although most businesses are uniquely customized but they generally include a tablet and stand, cash drawer, bar-code scanner, and receipt printer.
  4. Some POS software providers have proprietary POS hardware that you are required to use while some providers let you use 3rd party hardware components.

A retail point-of-sale (POS) system consists of POS software and hardware that enables retailers to ring up customer orders, record payments and perform several other operational tasks.

When choosing a retail POS system, look for essential features like inventory management, employee management, real-time reporting and retail-centric features like customer management, loyalty programs, and matrix inventory tracking.

Essential Features of Retail POS Systems

  • Payment processor compatibility
  • Product matrix, inventory tracking and purchase ordering
  • Data recording, reporting and analytics
  • Customer management and loyalty programs
  • Employee management (function, data access and time tracking for payroll) 

What is the best retail POS system?

Choosing the best retail point of sale system is a complex discussion with the large amount of variables. We are a little bias in our response stating that everything I have discussed on top is all included in 1 package with Counterpoint Retail Point of Sale System.

CP-Commerce eCommerce integration to Counterpoint syncs all your items, prices, A/R and customer data between your e-commerce website and CounterPoint. If there aren’t existing extensions to meet your needs, we can develop them for you in-house.

CP-Commerce provides Magento site hosting at a very competitive price. We have monthly hosting plans to fit any business. Choose the hosting plan that fits your business best: Starter, Plus or Pro

CP-Commerce provides a fully customized Magento eCommerce site integrated to your NCR CounterPoint software. You can choose the CP-Commerce Implementation option that best fits the needs of your retail business.

CP-Commerce has all the functionality you need to integrate your items and customers from CounterPoint to Magento. We are a one stop solution and don’t rely on third party developers for ecommerce integration to NCR Counterpoint.

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Are you holding back the full potential your mobile point of sale has to offer?

A mobile point-of-sale system (POS) definitely makes it easier for your small business to collect revenue wherever you are. But can it also impact the experience customers have with you brand?

Instead of just using your POS as a mobile checkout tool, consider how it can help your staff better engage with shoppers and create a positive customer experience for your small business.

App Integrated with CounterPoint POS – Manage and Sell your inventory items on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad anywhere, whether you are online or offline.  If you’re offline with no internet access, you can continue to sell in offline mode.  Works with the Linea Pro Sled to offer a bar-code scanner for easy item lookup and a credit card MSR swipe to authorize card payments. Works with your NCR CounterPoint SQL POS Software.

With a mobile POS, your staff can get out from behind the counter that separates them from the customer and provide a more personal checkout experience anywhere in the store. Or when the line to the register starts to back up, your employees can easily jump in and help facilitate purchases to those waiting patiently, so you don’t lose those precious sales.

P.O.S. Anywhere NOW Supports Secure Pay / Uniterm 

  • Orders / Delivery / Ship-To
  • Invoice Printing to Laser Printer
  • Holds – Cash Out at Register
  • Credit Card Processing using Authorize.Net
  • Linea Pro Sled and Infinia Tab Supported Bar code Scanning and CC Swipe
  • Offline Ticket Entry
  • Will email receipts when connected to the server/online
  • Linea Pro Sled and Infinia Tab Scanner Supported
  • New Bar-code Collection / Associate to Item
  • Alternate Unit Support
  • Grid / Cell Support
  • Linea Pro Sled and Infinia Tab Scanner Supported
  • Pick Verifying and Packing orders
  • Scan a picking slip to pull up the order
  • Scan items as you go to verify for shipment
  • Add tracking numbers to orders