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CP-Commerce – A Magento 2 E-Commerce Integration

Imagine being able to see directly into your online and in-store inventory all on one cohesive system.

This includes a fully customizable theme and styling to give your site a unique and professional appearance. The theme specifically drives the overall look and feel of your site. You can choose your theme options specific to your company in the CP-Commerce Admin Panel. You can also change the fonts and colors, display your own slideshow on the home page, customize the header and footer areas and much more. If you wish to fine-tune the design, you can customize the CSS file or completely change the built-in elements using XML.

CP-Commerce Integration to Counterpoint SQL

CP-Commerce eCommerce integration to Counterpoint syncs all your items, prices, A/R and customer data between your e-commerce website and CounterPoint. If there aren’t existing extensions to meet your needs, we can develop them for you in-house. Sync directly from CounterPoint to eCommerce. Here are some advantages of integrating to NCR Counterpoint-

  • You’re Always Connected & Selling to the Connected Customer
  • Unified Customer Experience Across Channels
  • Achieve Seamless Synchronization of Your Inventory & Supply Chain
  • Centralized Customer & Sales History
  • Data Security Beyond the Transaction
  • Selecting Your Integration Partner

Give your shoppers more to look at – more details, more colors, and more images.  Built-in image zooms let shoppers see the finer details of each product.  Show off the front, back, inside and other views of each product with an unlimited number of alternate images, and associate images with additional product options such as color, etc. Shoppers can sign up for Email Alerts if they want to be notified when a product is back in stock, or when the price changes for a product they’re interested in buying. 

Email alerts are automatic – when you receive more inventory or set up sale pricing in CounterPoint, Magento automatically updates the quantities and prices in your online store, and your online store automatically emails the shoppers who have signed up for alerts. As you can see, CP-Commerce is packed with features. Don’t see something you’re looking for? There’s a good chance it’s built in or can be added relatively inexpensively. 

In short- let us help and guide you on automating your business into a fluid, robust, and dynamic powerhouse of sales.

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